Step 1: E-mail your request

Check out the Services page for offerings and pricing, and then send the following to

  • The name of your requested service
  • Any relevant attachments (your draft, job/internship posting, admissions essay prompt, information about your target, etc.) 
  • Your deadline 

Your work remains completely confidential in my hands. Please note that I may request more information from you in order to complete the editing process.

Step 2: Receive your product

I'll deliver your requested editing product by your deadline (I need a minimum of 24 hours). You'll get two copies of your writing: (1) with all my tracked changes + comments and (2) without. 

Step 3: Process your payment

That's right -- payment comes last! I don't charge until I've delivered your product and you're satisfied. Once you've got a piece you're happy with, I'll send you an invoice via Payoneer.