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Tailor your resume for your dream position with Jessica Yun's editing services.

Cover Letters

Get your application to the top of the pile with a targeted, concise cover letter. 

Personal Statements and SoPs

Tell a compelling narrative to grab your recruiter's attention.


Putting an application together is stressful. And when writing is not your forte, it's even tougher. 

That's why I'm here to help. I edit resumes, CVs, personal statements, those dreaded SOPs, and cover letters for recent (and not so recent) graduates applying to master's and Ph.D. programs, jobs, med schools, internships, and externships. I work with a wide range of people -- from aspiring investment bankers to hopeful veterinarians. And many have found their paths: my clients have successfully landed positions in finance, data analytics, communications, and healthcare and admissions to U.S. graduate programs.  

After thorough proofreading, I deliver high-quality edits and feedback by your deadline. And I'm super responsive with any questions about writing you might have. You want to maximize your writing potential? Send me your stuff, and let's get to work! 


No Magic Here

While many of my customers have successfully landed positions and admissions, I could never promise the same wins for you. That's not what I'm here to do. I can, however, promise that your writing is at its greatest potential before you send it off. And that itself is a huge (yet shockingly overlooked) step toward a successful application.   


I thoroughly review and edit your writing to ensure it reflects job/admissions requirements while projecting your best writing skills.  I dedicate roughly 4-5 hours to each piece of writing I receive, making sure your prose is in tip-top shape.  I'm a strategist, as well. I help to make sure your writing choices maximize your chances of impressing your hiring manager or admissions official. 

Go Places!

I'm a firm believer that solid written communication gets you places. Whether or not you're actively on a job or grad school hunt, a thorough review of your writing never hurts. Check out my testimonials to see how I've helped my clients!  


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